MK Enterprise

MK Enterprise

MK Enterprise in Mysuru is dedicated to preserving the region's rich cultural

heritage through the art of Rosewood Inlay(Marquetry), an exquisite and

timeless craft. This traditional art form has received GI Tag from the

Government of India, and we take immense pride in producing beautiful pieces

showcased in various furniture forms such as tables, chairs, sofa sets, and

cabinets. Our commitment to craftsmanship extends to captivating home

decor items like photo frames, mirrors, and vases, all adorned with intricate

Mysuru rosewood inlay.

Specializing in wall hangings and other forms of Mysuru rosewood inlay works,

our passion for this art form shines through in every meticulously crafted

creation. At MK Enterprise, we invite you to explore the elegance and

sophistication of our collection, where tradition meets contemporary design.

Our Vision

""Breathing new life to the Traditional Artistry;

Blending culture to the style of today,

""With the rise of the technological era, our age-old Handicraft industries &

Artisans are on the brink of facing extinction,

Let us make the old our new New"",

Our Mission

We bring you artwork directly from artisans by reducing overheads and

allocating a portion of income to research and artisan welfare.

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