Nusimex International

Nusimex International

Nusimex International stands out as a leader in eco-friendly jute products, dedicated to environmental conservation through large-scale jute cultivation. Based in India, We manufacture a diverse range of sustainable, biodegradable jute items that are both stylish and durable. Our commitment goes beyond quality, focusing on waste minimisation and recycling. By replacing polluting plastic bags with eco-friendly jute shopping bags and packaging, We make a significant environmental impact. Collaborating with local artisans, Nusimex ensures each product adheres to international standards, serving the European market with a keen emphasis on sustainability, design, and cost-effectiveness.

Categoria Merceologica

Abbigliamento e Accessori,Servizi per la casa

I prodotti in fiera

  • - Borsa per la spesa in iuta, borse promozionali in iuta, sacchetti per imballaggio in iuta

  • - Tappeti in iuta, rivestimenti per pavimenti in iuta, imballaggi in grana di iuta

  • - Borse moda in iuta e prodotti diversificati in iuta

  • - Borse in cotone e juco

  • - Borse in pelle di iuta

  • - Panno di tela da imballaggio, sacchi di iuta di iuta

  • - Borse moda in iuta e pelle

  • - Decorazioni per la casa in iuta, tappeti di iuta e rivestimenti per pavimenti


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