Iran vij

Iran vij

History of the company (How did you start? When? Where?): After graduating in the field of archeology and getting to know and studying prehistoric pottery and the historical period, this idea was formed in my mind to recreate prehistoric pottery in a practical and modern way. I started my professional activity in the field of pottery making in 2014 in Alborz province.

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  • - Vasi fatti a mano

  • - Accessori fatti a mano

  • - Occhiali Altro fatto a mano

  • - Bicchieri da birra fatti a mano

  • - Obiettivi di vino fatti a mano

  • - Cucina e tavola Altro fatto a mano

  • - Tazze e tazzine fatte a mano

  • - Tessuto fatto a mano