* We are two Vietnamese women who are deeply passionate with natural silk. After having the luck to work with and learn from the best local artists and craftsmen in Vietnam, we launched Handysilk with the intention to introduce the finest quality fabrics and daily care products to our customers, while helping to preserve an intangible heritage of our country, which is traditional silk production. * Handysilk is committed to designing beautiful handcrafted silk products. We combine traditional artisanal weaving techniques with 100% natural materials with minimal environmental impact. -We dedicate to sustain the traditional skills of sericulture; -Our products use silks which are created by the cultivation process of the domesticated silkworm, an inherently sustainable process; -Our suppliers of silks comply to Vietnam's Environmental Protection Law, conforming to the production methods required in the textile dyeing and finishing industry and the improvement of pollution control technology; -Our packaging is primarily biodegradable.

Categoria Merceologica

Abbigliamento e Accessori,Salute e bellezza

I prodotti in fiera

  • - Abito chemisier Donna 100% Seta

  • - bellissima sciarpa in seta 100% tinta a mano e tessuta a mano

  • - I guanti di seta sono delicati sulla pelle, morbidi e traspiranti.

  • - Tessuto 100% seta di gelso naturale


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