MUSA PACTA - Vietnamese banana fibers

MUSA PACTA - Vietnamese banana fibers

Musa Pacta is a pioneering company in Vietnam that specializes in the production and development of banan-based products. These products include exquisite handmade crafts, high-quality fabrics, banana fertilizers and innovative items made from banana waste. Musa Pacta's products are made from banana trunks, which are highly environmentally friendly and user-friendly. Musa Decor is currently the exclusive partner in developing and distributing Musa Pacta's handicraft products and artwork. Our main product line is banana fibers-based goods, including decorative items, artistic pieces. Also, banana waste are turned into consumer goods, such as vases and pressed items. During the extraction and research of banana fiber properties, we discovered that it is a material with great flexiblility and it resistant from mold and fire. Banana fibers is much more potential than other fiber because banana has one of the largest output in Vietnam.

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