Tu Duy Handicrafts

Tu Duy Handicrafts

Tu Duy Handicraft Co., Ltd was established in 1996, with more than 30 years of experience in the profession. Be trusted and loved by many domestic and foreign customers. Our company specializes in the production-design: - Jewelry - Accessories - Kitchen utensils - Wooden chopsticks .... made from horn, bone, wood and seashells Origin: Viet Nam . Popular in many Asian and European markets around the world. Come to Tu Duy Handicraft Co., Ltd you will surely be satisfied with high quality goods, diverse designs and styles. Price reasonable and fixed. Tu Duy Company is very pleased to welcome you.

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I prodotti in fiera

  • - Bracciali da donna

  • - Bracciali da donna realizzati a mano

  • - Collane da donna

  • - Collane da donna realizzate a mano

  • - Anelli da donna

  • - anello fatto a mano

  • - Orecchini pendenti

  • - orecchini fatti a mano

  • - Spille

  • - spille per capelli fatte a mano