Miele con frutti di bosco

Miele con frutti di bosco

Honey is always to us more than just food. In summer, in childhood at grandma it is a delicacy to fresh cucumbers or home-made curd cheese. In winter, when making sweet tea or having mixed honey with lemon, ginger, cranberries and even garlic, we obtain natural and nutritious delicacy, which used to help to overcome cold. We understood already then that honey has so many 'friends', which may be combined and obtain a delicious and full of vitamins honey dessert. Life guided us in the way that, having grown up, we retained close relation with honey. Just nowadays, we enrich honey with vitamins and minerals of various berries and herbs. Modern innovative drying methods enable us to reach the highest food quality standards. Honey desserts are made only out of Lithuanian meadows honey and cold dried (lyophilized) berries, the quality of which has been checked in certified laboratories. Every day, when going to beloved work, we think about how to serve honey desserts in other ways, what berries to mix, how to pour it in layers in order to finalize in a unique and interesting, eatable art creature. Our creativity and curiosity push us forward to find out honey again.

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