I am Lucia del Vecchio, founding member of the 5+ crafted brewery. Our reality was born in 2016 in Trento (TN), the result of my passion, of Massimo Plotegher and in 2019 of Laura Bevere. The name 5+ derives from the 4 elements that make up the beer, namely water (coming from our mountain sources), malt, hops, yeast and fifth element that is the passion that is "bride" with a continuous search for product improvement. Our mission leads us to prefer the purchase of raw materials from fair trade. The scraps of the processing of our beers are reused through the packaging of baked products and feed for livestock.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Birra Bock e Bock alla castagna Double Ipa

  • - Blanche

  • - German Ale Shirin Persia Session Ipa west Coast Ipa

  • - Cider produced for our brewery

  • - Confezioni da 6 bottiglie miste di birra-Confezioni da 3 bottiglie miste di birra -Confezioni da 2 bottiglie miste di birra più confezione di zafferano usato per produrle.

  • - Oatmeal Stout


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